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from the links that you share

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Let TagOn Add Superpowers To Your Links

TagOn is revolutionizing the way links are shared by allowing you to retarget
and interact with your audience on any links just like when they are on your website

Interact with your visitors

By attaching any embed scripts that you use on your website to any links. You can add your own livechat, optin form, video or any other scripts to any link of any websites in just a few clicks.

Build custom retargeting audiences

By adding retargeting pixels and tracking codes such as FB pixel, Adroll, Google Analytics to any URLs. Compatible with all types of pixels/tracking codes

Drive traffic to your website

By building and showing your own call-to-action on the links you share

Equipped with Amazing Features

to help you get the best out of your campaign

Custom Domain
Use your own domains for your shortened links
TagOn also supports SSL for your custom domains

New: Automatic Link Creation & Posting
Automatically create TagOn-powered links from any RSS feed and post them to any social networks on autopilot

High Compatibility
TagOn is compatible with any types of embed & tracking scripts. In other words, you can use TagOn with any embeddable scripts of
your existing tools without worrying about integrations.

No Sticky Branding
There's no TagOn branding on the links you share.

Easy Organization with Tags
Easily organize your links with tags

Customize Social Sharing
Easily customize your link's meta title, description and image to share on Facebook or other social networks.

Actionable Statistics
See useful traffic stats on your links:
total clicks, unique visitors, mobile traffic, traffic over time & CTR on your CTA.

Fast Link Creation With Campaigns
Quickly create links to share by  easily applying predefined settings to your link

How It Works?

Find some awesome content and copy the link to shorten it

Grab the URL of the web page that you want to share with your audience. 

It can be a blog post, a video, a document or ANYTHING
 that has a URL.

 You don't need to be 
associated with that website at all.

Shorten with TagOn

Use TagOn to interact with your audience on any links you share by adding call-to-actions, banners, optin forms or ANY custom scripts that you have.

You can also add your retargeting pixels or any types of tracking codes to the destination URLs.

You can add multiple scripts and pixels to one URL.

Share with your audience
Anyone who visits your link will see your call-to-action, optin form,
chat widget or any of your custom marketing scripts.
Just like when they visit your own website.

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