MeetZippy is a Revolutionary All In One Video Marketing Software Lets You Create Content, Engage Web Visitors,

Produce Profitable Courses, And Close Sales All from One Powerful Yet Easy To Use Platform!

This Software Makes Creating Content, Closing Leads,and Generating Sales -

As Easy As 1,2,3!

Its Finally Here

The Total Video Marketing Solution To

  • Record HD Quality Videos
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Create Whiteboard Demos
  • Create Online courses
  • Podcasts
  • Host Masterminds
Its Super Easy-To- Use And even Newbies can Start an Online Business in Minutes!

MeetZippy is the ultimate Video Engagement software

MeetZippy Is Easy Enough For Newbies, Yet Powerful Enough For Advanced Marketers

This is what you can do with MeetZippy

In order to REALLY take advantage of all the traffic thats available to boost your business, youll need a platform that does the following:

  • 01

    Create Evergreen Webinar

    Why not charge for a very private training for? a select group and then turn it into a webinar later? MeetZippy makes this possible and then some.

    Just hit record, export the video, and upload it to? your favorite evergreen webinar software platform. Publish Recorded Videos on YouTube Easily

  • 02

    Publish Recorded Videos on YouTube Easily

    You can publish your recorded videos on youtube.

  • 03

    Host Live Video Meetings On ?Any Blog and Websites

    With MeetZippy, you can plug into your blogs ?and create massive content easily.

    Just follow the training we provide, and you? could have a blog that attracts tons of web ?visitors for years to come!

  • 04

    Demo Video One on One with Prospects

    Want to impress that perfect client? No problem.

    MeetZippy lets you host meetings with just? about anyone and shares your screen so that ?you can demo your products and services like? a true professional.

    This way, you can close more deals than ever!

  • 05

    Host Podcast Seamlessly

  • 06

    Create Online Courses Easily

    Another thing youll love about MeetZippy is ?the ability to record all your videos in HD ?quality.

    With this option, you could do a live training ?series of videos and turn them into a course ?you could sell for profit later!

  • 07

    Record HD Quality Videos Live

    Never again will you have to fiddle with software? that requires a degree in rocket science just to operate.

    With MeetZippy, you can Record HD Quality Videos Live. Conference with prospects, your team, or ?support customers with just one click!

  • 08

    Help Close Sales With 1 on 1 Demos with Clients

    Want to impress that perfect client? No problem.

    MeetZippy lets you host meetings with just about anyone and shares your screen so that you can demo your products and services 1on 1 like a true professional.

    This way, you can close more deals than ever!

  • 09

    Host Master Minds and Close Prospects

    Everyone needs a platform that lets them? make their high-ticket paying customers feel ?like royalty.

    And shelling out $1k a month...just wont cut it.

    With MeetZippy, you can give your ?mastermind clients the V.I.P. treatment and ?save a ton of money in the process!

  • 10

    Present PowerPoint Presentation Live

    Today, PowerPoint is still relied upon to share? presentations with the world.

    With this feature in MeetZippy, you can present? any PowerPoint you create with confidence.

    Just select the file and off you go!

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How does MeetZippy Compare to Competitors

Feature Zoom GoToMeeting HighFive Zoho Cliq Cisco WebEx
1 Click Scheduling
Join Anywhere , any device
Flawless Video | Audio
Stream Line Calendering - Gmail, Outlook, iCal Supported
Instant Join
Meeting Recorder
Built in Colobration Tool , whiteboard
Editor Sharing
Rooms, Instant Meeting via Unique URL
Public Room
Private Encrypted Rooms
HD Audio , HD Videos
Facebook Livestream
Link Sharing
Public Private Chat
File Sharing
Work with HQwebinar
No Registration or Download for Meeting
Group Video Conversation
Can record video courses for Udemy/Coursera
Flexible Layout
Drag Drop Presenter Layout
Network Strength
Custom Branding for meetings and emails
Meeting Notes
Notifiation on Mobile SMS and Whatsapp
Replay Pages
Get your own page with meeting scheduler. (OTO1 Feature)
You can have custom branding on your page. (OTO1 Feature)
Custom Domain integration. (OTO1 Feature)
Calander Embedded on wordpress or custom website. (OTO1 Feature)
Paid Meetings. (OTO1 Feature)
Facebook and Youtube Streaming. (OTO1 Feature)
Profile Templates. (OTO1 Feature)
Customization of Profile. (OTO1 Feature)
Free SSL. (OTO1 Feature)
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$97/month $39 Today!

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Video Marketers


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Get MeetZippy for

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